Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ms. B anwers a question and posts comment stories!

'Baboo' asked Ms. B (via email): "Ms. B, but what if we really really just do not like the rare tuna or whatever? How can we send it back to the chef without hurting his feelings or making him mad?"

Ms. B1tch answers: Alas Baboo! You will always hurt Chef's feelings when you send back his food! However, if you are diplomatic about it, server will let Chef know how apologetic and groveling you are, practically on your knees in supplication, and admitting to a heathenistic barbarianism, and lack of any kind of Food Sense, and then, only then, perhaps Chef will almost-kind of sort of-calmly re-cook your food without event. There are certain foods that are prepared in certain ways that Chef is proud to present, yet! there are patrons who simply do not like the taste of certain foods cooked in certain ways. Ms B suggests that if you order sashimi tuna, please let server know right away that you do not like rare tuna! For it if is cooked properly, it is rare. Tootles, Baboo! Happy Eating!
These are, below, comments from Ms B's last post. Ms. B loved them! Ms. B laughed and clapped her tiny hands together in glee! Then Ms. B thought - What other stories are out there? Please tell your stories and Ms B will post them. What kinds of things have happened to you in restaurants (OR in your workplace, or anywhere at all, if you like) - either as "Employees" or as "Patrons" - Ms. B Wants to know! You can email Ms. B or put in comments!

And as always, she will take your questions - about anything at all! Not just food and restaurants and Fancy Clubs - for Ms B knows All. You can email her at restaurantb1tch@hotmail.com or ask in the comments.

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Stephen said...
Dear Ms. B, Too funny! Years ago I was tending bar at an upscale and trendy restaurant in Schaumberg a north west Chicago suburb. The bar was always busy and we served wine in oversize glasses. A woman at the bar finished her wine and went to the ladies room. I reached for the empty glass and it was gone. Peering over the bar I saw the glass in the woman's large purse. I thwacked the glass with a heavy knife handle and smashed it to bits inside of the purse then resumed my duties. When the woman returned and saw what happend she did not say a word as she slunk out of the bar. True story. What could she say? " Hey! Some one broke the glass that I stole."As ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe

Small Footprints said...
That was hilarious! Here's my tale ... once when I was very young ... just barely old enough to legally work ... I was hired to help cater an event. One guest became very rude (won't go into details here). When I had had enough, I went to pour coffee and missed ... oops ... all over his lap. That job didn't work out. :)Thanks for sharing your darker side.

Angie Ledbetter said...
I'm very partial to Ms. B's dark side. In fact, I've had many of the same thoughts when working for dictators and rich snooty people in several different capacities! Thank you for sharing with us. I wish rich snooty people would have to wear shock collars for about 6 months...and anyone who was "beneath them" could send a few volts into their juglars when they deserved it. Bet they'd not throw their fur coats at others for a very long time. Stephen's stolen wine glass story made me laugh too. Bravo! (Waving to Little also.) :)

Joe's Foster Dogs said...
I formally invite you for a foot massage...Albert, Sally, and George!:)

Barry said...
I think you need to rent Ms B's dark side out for special occasions!I can think of situations where it would have come in handy!


Small Footprints said...

What fun ... loved everyone's comments and stories (and it was fun to see my name in print on your blog). :)

On another subject ... one thing in restaurants that really, really bugs me is when they hand over Styrofoam boxes for leftovers. Even in up-scale places, they come out with these tacky, toxic, harmful Styrofoam boxes. I always ask for something else and so far, I've been accommodated but ... it would be so much better if they just wouldn't use the creepy stuff in the first place. So ... maybe you and all your readers could pass on that message and ask for alternatives. Chant with me: NO STYROFOAM!!!

OK ... I'll get off my soap box now.

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Angie Ledbetter said...

Oh, that was so interesting. Small: maybe restaurants can make those super cool aluminum foil animals and birds with our leftovers in them?

Barry said...

A joy to read as always Ms B. However, I may never send food back to the kitchen again.

Not that I've ever done.

Except, maybe, that one..or two..or..

Well, alright, I have, but likely won't again.

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