Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fried Mars Bars! Cooks Cleaning Urinals! Oh my! Ms B answers from Comments. And, Thousand Year Old Candy from Sweaty Pockets! ugh!

Barry said...
Yes Ms. B., my wife and I recently went to Scotland where the national food seems to be (no not haggis), deep fried Mars Bars (I'm not kidding) and a drink called Irn bru (think orange crush with added sugar and iron).Tell me, is this a nutritionally balanced meal? Is there any hope for a country that eats like this?

Oh! Ms. B1tch's eyes just popped out of her skull and she had to push them back in and read that again and they popped out again and she had to push them back in and and...finally, after her eyes popped out many times and she replaced them many times (Ms B is tenacious), she was able to internalize the question and then to give an answer!

There is always hope for Scotland! There. Ms. B has tried haggis, once long ago. She has little memory of it, since she also had good whisky to go with it! Tee.hee. But deep friend Mars Bars...Ms. B is shaking her cute little head. And this is the only food from Scotland Mr. Barry can tell Ms B about? Oh. Oh. Oh Sigh. Ms. B asked her roommate - what is a good Scottish food? Roommate said "Haggis?" Ms. B Sighed - no no no! Roommate said, "Shepards pie?" No No, Ms B had that at an Irish Pub once when she was in that city of New Orleans. I invite and challenge any Scots to come tell me about their foods! please!

Angie Ledbetter said...
Ms. B...I'm way too scaredy-catish to ask that question. I'm afraid I'd learn the truth and never get to eat out again!! :( Please tell me the chef does not clean the potty or urinal. *shudder* (Miss Angie is referring to the post below!)

Ms. B always tells the truth: No, Chef does not clean the potty or urinal, nor does the cook. At least in most places, but Ms B can't vouch for them all! Ms B can't speak for Fast Foods Places, or Big Chain Restaurants - and she (as above!) invites or challenges any restaurant to tell them who cleans their urinals and pottys! But, in Fancy Club, no, Chef or Cooks do not do so. *grin*

Ms. B had the most fun last night when all the members/diners left Fancy Club earlier than usual. You know why? Because Ms B spent time with the Servers(Waitstaff) and the cooks. Ms B LOVES the cooks best of all - and she loves the servers, too. But the cooks have Ms. B's heart - they are fun. Ms B laughs when she is around them, and she was around them last night. Ms B wants to say, "cook me something wonderful and I am yours yours yours!" Tee.Hee.

Here is one thing, though. The other night someone came in Fancy Club to eat. Ms. B took their coat, and when they finished eating, she gave back their coat - she helps them on with coat when they allow her to. Some think Ms B is trolling for tips! She is NOT! Harumph. Ms. B does what she does because that is what she does. So, this one smarty alecky panty pants threw something from his linty ole sweaty pocket on the counter - old pieces of candy that have been there for a thousand years! Ms. B looked at the candy and her nose wrinkled. Ms B left candy there. Next day, that same person came back, and there was his candy on the counter, uneaten, untouched. He said, "oh you didn't eat the candy?" Ms B just looked at him as if he had fifty-five heads with fifty-five zits on each of those head's noses and his hair was aflame with red-orange flaming flames, and his mouth oozed slime. Harumph!

Ms B says: You do not have to tip if you do not want to. Ms B does not expect tips. Ms B does not troll for tips. Ms B does not do her job for tips. Ms B always tries to give the tips back to patron, but if they insist she will keep it and perhaps put it in the Bell Ringers Bucket or buy someone a cup of coffee, etc. But! Do NOT insult Ms B by throwing one thousand year old sweaty candy upon her throne area! Next time, she may throw it back!

Ms. B had another question in her email! Ms B will address that next time.


Angie Ledbetter said...

Laffed at your post labels -- poo-poo heads, indeed! Linty, sweaty candy as a tip? Talk about Scrooge! Eww, he probably already licked 'em too. Maybe you can save your ABC gum wads for that member's Christmas gift?

Barry said...

Thank you, Ms B

I'm relieved to hear there may be hope for Scotland yet.

Perhaps other have had a better experience with Scottish cuisine than I've had.

One can only hope.

Anonymous said...

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