Monday, December 8, 2008

Who Cleans Your Fave Restaurant Bathrooms? Hummmm?

Oh, Ms. B1tch is here to say that this cartoon is true in some regards! Oh dear, but it is. If Ms B1tch has her way, the handsome Gordon Ramsey would travel to every restaurant in the world and force them to clean up their act, and their kitchens. Ughers!

Do you remember Ms B1tch telling you how she went into a kitchen (it was over this summer) and it was so nasty, Ms B vowed never to eat a morsel of food from that kitchen? Sad thing is, their food is SO Very Good; but no clean kitchen, means no Ms. B will eat from it! Shame! Shame!
Sometimes when Ms B is watching the Food TV Netw
ork, which she rarely watches any longer because of various things that she will get into in later posts (but she does sometimes watch the Fine Living Network foodies!), she is completely and uberly disgusted! Why, they scratch their noses, and they push back their hair, and Ms. Paula Deen (bless her little butter buns) has on big Hahh-uugge rings with all manner of past meals nestling there and creating germy babies...ugh-gast! Ms. B says, "Don't rub thy nose when cooking!, Put up your hair!, Pull off those rings!" But sigh and sigh, Ms. B1tch thinks Food Tv Network "stars" have become too gi-normous for their wittle britches and are busting out at the seams with their own importance and getting louder and louder and ...and...oh, Ms B will get into all that later (and she knows there are some who are still loveable and cute and clean and ...oh!)
So, If Ms B had her way, all of us who are going to eat in establishments will march to the kitchen area and ask to see the kitchen. For if the kitchen is nasty, why should we eat there? If the restaurant or diner or club or whatever cannot hire someone to keep things clean, then why eat there? If the servers have dirty hands or fingernails or are unkempt, do we want to eat what they may touch? If the cooks/chef are unkempt, do we want their fingers on our food? If the establishment does not wash their dishes properly, do we want to wrap our mouths around the fork of the one who was eating an hour ago? Oh, Ms. B knows that one cannot think of these things all the time when eating out, but, there are simple ways Restaurant Managers can create clean enviroments! yes! Ms B has seen it! Ms B has worked in those places! We as Patron can demand better!
I dare all of us to ask this question: "Yes, Mr. Manager of Restaurant, I would like to know this: who cleans your toilets/bathrooms?" Ask this and see if you get a straight answer! Ms. B could tell you what she knows, oh yes. How some restaurants get their bathrooms all clean (and clean is relative - this you may know by going into bathrooms! ha.ha!) Go ahead, ask them...and then see what they say! Tee.Hee! Ugh-ugh!
Ms. B will soon return. Remember, if you have a question for Ms. B about restaurants, foods, clubs, food related anything, or any subject at all (for Ms B is wise and all Knowing), email her at or ask in the comments. She will always tell the truth!


Barry said...

Yes Ms. B., my wife and I recently went to Scotland where the national food seems to be (no not haggis), deep fried Mars Bars (I'm not kidding) and a drink called Irn bru (think orange crush with added sugar and iron).

Tell me, is this a nutritionally balanced meal? Is there any hope for a country that eats like this?

Angie Ledbetter said...

Ms. B...I'm way too scaredy-catish to ask that question. I'm afraid I'd learn the truth and never get to eat out again!! :( Please tell me the chef does not clean the potty or urinal. *shudder*