Friday, December 5, 2008

Ms B gets Spam...harumph.

Ohhh, Ms. B has been so busy! But she loves you all and sends hugs and kisses and teehees!

Miss Small Footprints has a comment below about styrofoam in restaurants. Alas, that is the norm for many and Ms B wonders why a fancy place, or any place at all, too, would have ugly styrofoam anyway! Cannot someone create something nice that isn't bad for the environs? No? Yes? Ms B1tch should invent something and become wealthy and when she is wealthy she will NOT buy a fur coat. She will also not waltz in places and treat people like they are invisible except to be at her will and doing---actually, people love to be at Ms. B's will, but it is their doing because she is so cute. ha.ha.

I thought I had a question at, but! It was a Spam! And that spam wanted to give Ms. B a huge penile extension! And another one wanted Ms. B to make her partner happy to be impaled upon their member. Ugh. Ms. B thinks that spammers really do not know what women want, which is not gigantis poletantis. Ms B does not want to make a woman cry out with pleasure - Ms B does not know why all the spammers are about Biggantus Memberitis. Ms B is beginning to think all these things are all for Men and not Women, which makes Ms B wonder if only men click on these links? Ms B ponders and ponders. There are no spams for Ms B to go "hummm...I should click on that..." Instead, Ms B recoils and then hits "trash trash trash delete junk junk junk delete trash trash." Harumph!

Ms. B will soon come visit you who have left your comments! She appreciates it kindly and verily.

It is very early. Ms B is up and dressed in her little suit and her little heels and is ready to climb into her car and drive into the dark for her early shift at Fancy Club. Ms. B works early on some days and late on other days.

Ms. B will return with a story or a question and answer or sage witty wonderful wise advice for you!



Angie Ledbetter said...

Give 'em hell, Ms. B! Hope we get a juicy story about another gritchy patron...or just make up one for us! :)

Barry said...

Too funny Ms B!

And for the record, I believe any men who click on those ads and keep annoying spam filling my mail box should have their Biggantus Memberitis surgically removed long with their tiny brain (should one be discovered inside their cranium).