Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ms B has been up to secret things

Oh! But Ms B1tch has missed you all. She has been here and there and yonder and above and below.

Ms B1tch sometimes goes away to do secret things and those secret things she cannot tell, or will not tell, or shall not tell! Tee.Hee.

So, when Ms. B1tch has been gone for a bit, then you must try to imagine what she is up to! Is she traveling to exotic, or not so exotic, places? Is she only busy and has not the time to post? Is her alter-ego dragging her here and there? Is she only tired and is lazying around? What ever can she be doing when she is gone for days or longer? Ms. B1tch will let you all figure it out, for whatever you all come up with will surely be more fun that what the truth is. Ha.ha.

Ms. B1tch will be back with a story, soon.

But, one thing - do you remember the man who gave Ms B two pieces of hard candy from his pocket? Now man has given Ms B a used pen. What is with this man? What do you think this is about? Why is he giving Ms B these strange things? Please tell Ms B what you think the answer to that question is.


Small Footprints said...

I'm betting that Ms. B wasn't feeling too well. That seems to be how everyone I know (including everyone in my house) spent the holidays ... a little under the weather. Hopefully the truth was way better than my guess.

As for the guy ... was he an old man? Did the pen have anything written on it? This is getting to be an interesting mystery!

Take Care!

Small footprints

Angie Ledbetter said...

You were missed, Ms. B. Hope you were off on some culinary fantasy or another, devoid of crappy mean patrons and stoopid bosses.

As for the man who gave you candies and now a pen? Is he "sweet" on you and wishes you were Missus "Write" for him? :)

sinfullyanon said...

He gave you 2 LifeSavers,
(And, a Pen:

In order to write him a Thank You Note.)

Silly guess..I guess.


Barry said...

I envision Ms. B parachuting into Iraq and setting the world right.

Or, at least, improving their restaurant service.