Monday, November 10, 2008

Ms. B1tch's feet are b1tching.

Ah, but Ms B1tch's feet hurt! Especially the left foot. Why the left foot more than the right one? I do not know this. Ms. B stopped at a CVS and bought Dr. Scholl's gel thingermabobs for her tootsies, so that tomorrow, yes tomorrow, when she goes back to fancy club, her footsies will sing instead of b1tch.

Ms. B1tch saw her duties roster. Ms. B1tch is not happy about a couple of things on the duties list, and Ms. B feels there will be an issue, but, Ms. B will just leave it alone for now - however, one eye is narrowed, and the other is beady, and one eyebrow is metaphorically cocked. Uh huh, we will see what we will see.

Ms. B1tch wore her suit. Ms. B wore her low heels. Ms. B wore her pressed white shirt. Ms. B's hair was shiny and of course Ms B would NEVER put hairspray upon her hair! Too too 80's! Ms. B used but a dollop of hair gel that smells like spice! Aveda Brilliant...ah yes. Ms. B wore conservative earbobs in her earlobes. Ms. B looked her part, and Ms. B's alter-ego was left behind at the door of the Fancy Club. For Ms B's alter-ego, the one she is when she is not Ms. B at the fancy club, is quite different from Concierge Ms. B1tch. Ms. B has to shove her alter-ego down down and tell her to behave herself!

Ms. B will return. Soon Ms. B will have stories to tell, oh yes, she knows she will, just as she did when she was Queen Host at the restaurant! She will have stories because People are people and people do what people do. Ah yes. She has stories below from her Queen Host days at restaurant. Like the day the man screamed at Ms. B1tch and Ms. B imploded and then exploded and shoved her face into Mr. Ass's face and told him whatfor! And the day the couple brought in their bratty children! And the time a restaurant patron skipped out on their bill and the poor waitstaff had to chase after them, hollering, "Wait wait! you did not pay!" and alas, they scooted out and were gone! Bad bad customer! Ms. B has seen and heard and cocked her right eyebrow high over the antics of restaurant patrons! And Ms B learned much about how a restaurant works - she has imparted some of her knowledge to You All. So ask away, my wondering wonders!

Ms. B1tch had to gobble down a Soy Joy bar because she had no lunch with her. Oh, but Ms B was not pleased with her growling empty belly! So, Ms. B will eat an early dinner of creamy clam chowder, with crusty brown bread toasted just lightly, a sliced apple with salt, and later, squares of dark chocolate filled with creamy mint.

Ms. B will return.

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Angie Ledbetter said...

Oh boy. I can hardly wait for the first set of bad customers to walk through the door so I can hear more! Ah and oh woe is them!