Friday, November 7, 2008

Meet Ms B1tch....!

Ms. B1tch thinks she will like it here in blogspot. Ms. B1tch will leave the old blogs and settle her ass here.

Ms. B1tch put allllll her humble postings from MSN below. Ms. B doesn't think you all will read all her rambling doo doo doo's but, Ms. B doesn't care - she has a high opinion herself and walks with her head high.

Ms. B will be back soon with postings of food and when she starts her new job at the fancy yoodle dee doo place, she will have stories of ...of...oh, who will ever know the stories.

As well, Ms. B will answer questions about food and wine and restaurant host/concierge/serve etiquette and whatever else one would think to ask Ms. B1tch, for she has an opinion about everything and is master of none, but who cares? Ms B doesn't.

Now, on Ms. B goes - she is hungry -- and tonight, she may have shrimp; yes.

1 comment:

Angie Ledbetter said...

Hope you get some shwimps! We got good uns here if you ever get to Louisiana. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on food, food stars, and liquid libations, Mz. B.